College & University Recruiting

The first step after graduation is a big one. PSI offers you the advantage of an employer who will fully utilize your skills and education, and provide a wide range of training, mentoring, and continued on-the-job learning that will help you develop valuable career skills that will last a lifetime.

There is virtually unlimited opportunity at PSI, throughout much of the United States.  Whether you are looking for a technical, managerial, sales, or hybrid career path, or even if you have a niche specialty or interest, PSI may have a place for you. At PSI, new graduates learn to become the leaders of tomorrow. What you can expect at PSI is…

  • You will be challenged.
  • You will grow.
  • You will be given the guidance to succeed.
  • You will be given the opportunity to succeed.
  • And when you succeed, you will feel good about yourself and know you made the right choice in joining the PSI team.