Employee Recognition

PSI believes in recognizing and rewarding the people who make our company great, and we have a program designed for every level of employee.

Service Achievement Awards are given to recognize employee’s time of service to PSI.

“Bird Dog” Recruiting Incentives are paid to employees as an incentive to help recruit more of the right people to PSI.

Safety Incentive Awards are made to recognize offices with zero incidents on a quarterly basis.

Operations Team Performance Awards are PSI gear and bonus incentives paid to all personnel in Profit Centers that achieve winning financial results.

PSI Vision Award is a cash bonus paid to all employees in the one Profit Center with outstanding financial results that best exemplifies the PSI Vision each quarter.

Annual Bonus Incentives for operations and business development managers are objectively based on budgeting for and then achieving financial growth goals.

Registration/Certification Incentives are paid as one-time bonuses to employees in recognition of their attaining a professional registration that brings a competitive advantage to the Company.

Publication & Speaking Incentives are awarded to employees in recognition of publication or presentation of technical papers.

Professional Society Membership costs are covered by PSI to encourage employees to actively participate in professional or technical societies as part of their continuing professional development.

Continuing Education Support is financial assistance PSI provides to help employees complete job-related study programs (e.g. degree programs, correspondence and programmed instructional courses, etc.) outside of working hours.