Q: Where can I find open positions at PSI?
A: Click HERE for our current listing and feel free to apply online.

Q: Can I just send an email or resume to PSI?
A: No. Unfortunately, we cannot accept resumes via email or mail. Instead please click on the link above to apply online.

Q: Is it possible to apply in person at a local PSI office?
A: No, unfortunately we cannot accept walk-in applicants. Instead please click on the link above to apply online.

Q: Once I apply online, what’s next?
A: Upon successful completion and submission of your information, you will receive a response.  Your information is reviewed and evaluated by Human Resources.  If an interview is appropriate, you will be contacted.  If not, your resume will be held, as required by law, for a period of two years.

Q: Is PSI an Equal Opportunity Employer?
A: Yes.  Here is a link to our EEO Letter.  PSI also participates in E-Verify (Spanish version). You have the Right to Work (Spanish version).

Q: Does PSI perform any kind of background check or applicant screening?
A: Yes. All individuals must pass a drug test and driving background check before becoming an employee of PSI.  Additional background checks may be required depending on an individual’s job function.

Q: What kind of training do I need and will PSI provide it?
A: The type and amount of training you need depends on the specific job.  PSI does provide a variety of training to ensure individuals are properly trained to perform their duties in a safe and effective manner.