Facilities & Roof Consulting

PSI is your “Facility Doctor.” As building systems age, they require additional maintenance expense, become less reliable and if they fail can lead to unexpected major capital expenditures, work production down time and in some cases safety issues. Knowing the condition of your facilities is valuable information that can be used to effectively spend maintenance dollars to extend building systems remaining useful life, confidently project capital expenditure and even eliminate unforeseen conditions. In new construction inadequate design, the use of sub-par materials or less than industry standard construction installation can cause additional general maintenance expense, higher operating costs, code compliance issues and premature building system failure. When a facility is being constructed, having a trusted third party look out for your best interest from initial design to final completion of select building systems assures you’re getting what you paid for.

PSI takes a clinical approach to solving your existing facility concerns and simplifying needed quality assurance involved in new construction. Our team of professional consultants and assessors identify building system deficiencies and potential problems, quantify the issues, prioritize their impact and provide solutions. We accomplish this with detailed site inspections, documentation review, specialty testing and peer review or remediation design. Whether you have a one small structure or a portfolio of buildings we are here to help by offering a wide range of Facilities Consulting services.

Under the umbrella of Facilities Consulting we provide: