Existing Structure Investigation & Rehabilitation

In order to provide an effective repair to building deterioration or failure, the failure mechanism must be completely understood. PSI’s facilities consultants take pride in quickly finding the real causes of problems and correcting them with appropriate repair procedures. PSI’s in-house resources of structural engineers, laboratory facilities and instrumentation capabilities allow us to determine and design the appropriate repair. Our experience in dealing with contractors and material suppliers aid in seeing your project through to a successful completion.

PSI can provide the following services:

  • As-Built Surveys
  • Initial Site Observations/Surveys
  • Review of Original Drawings and Specifications
  • Materials Testing
  • Load Testing and Instrumentation
  • Computer Modeling
  • Strain Gauging
  • Structural Calculations/Design
  • Reports with Documentation, Recommendations and Opinions of Costs
  • Preparation of Contract Documents
  • General and Supplemental Conditions, Drawings, Specifications and Bid Forms
  • Contract Administrations
  • Construction Monitoring and Testing