Roofing/Waterproofing Consulting

PSI is North America’s leading single-source/full-service roof consulting evaluation testing, and design firm. We have provided roofing services to the construction industry for decades, evaluating, designing and managing more than three billion square feet of roofs in the United States. Our roof consulting services provide owners and managers with the necessary information to solve their roofing needs — information that protects their investment, equipment, facilities, work staff and inventory from unwanted moisture.

With the high cost of building construction and increasing frequency of hurricane strength winds and natural disasters many insurance company now require verification of roof system attachment. Because of this PSI also offers a variety of special testing services. Being that moisture intrusion into a building isn’t always from the roofing system, our team of consultants is trained to also assess surrounding building envelope systems for possible deficiencies.

Our service capabilities include:

  • Roof surveys and assessments
  • Non destructive moisture evaluations
  • Specialty field testing, including infrared thermography, nuclear penetration, wind uplift and bonded pull tests
  • Roof design and specification – for new roofing, reproofing, and maintenance
  • Quality control inspections

Roof management programs – including Roofer/Builder and RoofPro computer software for roof management and financial record-keeping

PSI’s comprehensive services means you don’t have to hire several consultants or oversee portions of the project yourself. We offer cost-effective, long-term solutions to your roofing and building envelope needs. PSI is a One Company, One Call solution for your moisture improvement problems.