Financial & Insurance

For financial, lending and insurance firms, PSI provides a wide array of engineering, consulting and testing services. One of the first steps in most construction or development projects, or lending or financing commitments for property, involves selecting the appropriate site and doing appropriate due diligence on your investment or property. To make an informed business decision, you must uncover factors that could impact your development or investment. This is where PSI can help.

Whether your project is large or small, on one-site or in multiple locations, PSI delivers a variety of required engineering, consulting and testing services to support the due diligence, assessment, constructability and management of real-estate. We have significant and proven experience working with the entire due diligence team from lenders and regulatory agencies, to attorneys and developers, and to owners and investors.

PSI understands the challenges associated with investing in real estate. Whether it is a greenfield or brownfield development; or a property transfer or financing commitment; or an environmental, asbestos, roof or other property condition issue; we have the expertise, resources and professionals ready to work hard for you to deliver the results and Information To Build On you expect.