Specialty Testing & Engineering

PSI is a leader in specialty testing and engineering services that range from dielectric services to freeze-thaw testing to wire rope testing. We are recognized for the certification services for mechanical components. Regularly Mechanical Services provide certification services of mechanical tools and accessories. From basic compressive load testing to complex multi-channel data acquisition, we have the capability to test many different types of products. Construction, automotive and aviation are some of the industries we serve.  As a highly qualified and experienced third-party testing and analytical services provider, we are prepared to meet your needs. Some of the specialty testing services are listed below:

  • Dielectric Testing
  • ASTM B117 Salt Fog Exposure Testing
  • Cyclic Testing
  • Freeze-Thaw Testing
  • Wet-Dry Testing up to 12000F temperature
  • Extreme Hot/Cold Humidity Testing in the range of 20% to 90 % relative humidity
  • Hydraulic Load System Calibration
  • Torque Wrenches Calibration
  • Data Acquisition Testing, including strain gage, deflection, temperature and vibration
  • Custom Testing Programs and Protocols
  • Product Qualification and R&D Testing
  • Crane and Aerial Testing
  • Wire Rope Inspection
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Coating and Adhesive Testing
  • Safety Testing
  • Environmental Exposure Testing
  • Non-Destructive Examination and Testing (NDE & NDT)
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